1982 Ferrari 308  QuatroValvole

Rarely do we come across one owner cars in this day and age. The buyer of this car approached us regarding purchasing this car. By telephone we discussed this car and the buyer went to look closer. It turns out that this car was originally delivered new in Germany, exported to the US and then imported to Norway some 10 years ago. Having worked in the US, we feared the worst. Exhaust emissions are strict and we have seen many "home made" conversions to US spec. Additionally we were informed that this car had not had a major service since arriving in Norway.

Despite this, the car was bought and sent to us by its new owner. Our fears were confirmed, the exhaust system had been heavily modified to match US exhaust emmissions, with a few small alterations to the injection system.

Once the old exhaust was removed and the modifications made to the injection system removed, this car was in fact a very nice original car. We fitted a complete stainless exhaust system, carried out a major service and carried out a few other improvements on the car. We delivered the car to its new owner on the west coast of Norway, whom hopes to enjoy his childhood dream for many years to come.