1978 Lamborghini Countach LP400S V12


 A very rare car indeed. This is a series I Countach produced 78-79. This car is one of the first 20 cars built with wide arches and the early Bravo wheels. These early models are known for their engines which are very willing high rev engines.

This car has been well preserved even though it is a high mileage car. We have been fortunate to have been asked by the new owner of this car to restore this car to its original condition. Together with the owner and our various partners, we look forward to the end result. With approx only 25 of this model made, this car deserves to be brought back to its former glory.


 As always we have spent some time checking the car and evaluating the magnitude of this job. We have determined that this car is collision free, but has been resprayed. The car is very high mileage and will reqiure a complete rebuild of the drivetrain and suspension. The body will be stripped, checked and resprayed. All the original parts from this car will be restored and refitted to the car.

We have removed the drivetrain from the car and will be checking carefully every part. A Countach is designed for speed and it is extremely important that all parts are in good working order. Even after working on various Countach models since '93, I am still speechless when I see a complete Lamborghini drivetrain. I always need to take a moment and appreciate the design and accomplishments of the Lamborghini factory.

The car have been sent of to be restaured back to it`s original glory. Meanwhile we will be working on the drivetrain.